Yana ParkerAuthor, The Damn Good Resume Guide

Yana Parker Author Damn Good Resume GuideYana Parker is the author of The Damn Good Resume Guide.

In 1978, Yana launched her career in resume writing as a writer and entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1983 she authored her first book The Damn Good Resume Guide, which was published by Ten Speed Press. The Damn Good Resume Guide became a national best seller and Yana was known as a leading expert in the field of resume writing.

She went on to author four more books (also published by Ten Speed Press) for job seekers and career development professionals.

  • Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples
  • Resume Pro: Make Money Writing Resumes
  • Blue Collar & Beyond: Resumes for Skilled Trades & Services
  • Ready-To-Go Resumes (with software/templates)

In 1999, Yana created a series of Fill-in-the-Blanks Resume Workbooks for use in classrooms and workshops.

  • Resume Workbook for Adults in Career Transition
  • Resume Workbook for Adults Entering the Workforce
  • Resume Workbook for High School Students
  • Resume Workbook for College Students & Recent Grads

Yana’s early experience in the careers field included a three-year job with the New York State Department of Labor as Community Liaison for the WIN Program (a work-incentive program that was a collaboration between the Labor Dept. and the Social Services Dept.) in the Albany-Troy-Schenectady metropolitan area. Before that she managed a community Youth Employment Service in Gloversville, New York, while raising a family of three children.

Before (and after) that she earned her stripes in many job roles, as: a teenage bean-picker, assistant newspaper carrier, laundry worker, dishwasher, waitress, prep-cook, Worldbook peddler, Avon Lady, electronics inspector, church secretary, loan office manager, typing instructor, substitute masseuse, coop mediator, lifestyles workshop facilitator, community newsletter editor, corporate secretary — and then computer-toting entrepreneur doing freelance typing, desktop publishing, and creating the Damn Good Resume Service. The Resume Service experience led to her role as writer of resume books and training materials, and Staff Trainer for agencies and governments.

This “crazy mixed-up background” probably explains the down-to-earth appeal of Yana’s practical resume advice, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers to her books.

Having worked with job hunters of all kinds, Yana discovered how important a well-written resume can be to their self-esteem and success — and thus how crucial it is that resume writers and counselors take their jobs seriously and develop a high level of skill. She presented seminars for resume writers, career development professionals and agency staff — both in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the country — training events that set high standards of excellence, integrity, and real-life practicality.

In addition to her five books, she published (from 1990 to 1998) Resume Pro Newsletter, a 20-page quarterly publication for entrepreneurs and staff in the resume writing and career development fields. In 1999, the newsletter was replaced by this website, damngood.com.

Yana’s later projects focused on delivering in-service staff development workshops — and developing more training materials: an audiotape, a video, resume workbooks customized for school-to-work programs, welfare-to-work programs, military-to-civilian transitions, as well as updating her books and software.

Yana passed away in September 2000.