How Do I Put Salary History on My Resume?

Here’s a question from a job seeker about putting salary history on a resume. It’s followed by Yana Parker‘s answer. Even though Yana’s advice was written years ago, the answer is good for today’s job seeker.

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How do I put salary history on a resume?

Dear Yana,
How do I include my salary history if the company asks for it?

Dear Kelly,
Just because they ASKED for it doesn’t mean you have to supply it! In fact, it will just about NEVER be in your best interest to supply salary history information before you’ve been interviewed.

So you have to GRACEFULLY STALL. Don’t ignore the request (they’ll just repeat it or think you weren’t paying attention). Instead, acknowledge their request and then: artfully dodge! You might say (in your cover letter accompanying the resume), “Regarding your request for salary history, I would prefer to discuss salary at the time of my interview.” If the question comes up on an application blank that you simply HAVE to fill out before being interviewed, you STILL dodge, writing “Will discuss at the interview.” If the employer is impressed with your resume, they will want to interview you and your failure to supply your salary history will rarely stop them from calling you in.

Once you’re AT the interview, the negotiating game begins in earnest, and you want to be very well prepared, because it can make a LOT of difference, financially.

Thanks for your question!