Sample Follow-Up Letter After the Job Interview

After a job interview, there may be a waiting period before you hear from the employer. Of course, you’re eager to know if you were chosen for the job. So, what should you do after the interview, while you’re waiting?

2 Follow-Up Letters After the Job Interview

You can help the employer make the hiring decision in your favor by writing to him or her after the interview. Start with a thank you letter. And, if you need to give him another nudge, write a polite follow-up letter a few weeks after you send your thank you letter.

1. Thank-you letter right after the job interview
Immediately after the job interview, write a thank-you letter to the interviewer. Write it right after the interview. Be sure to get it proofread so you’re sure there are no typos before you send it.

2. Follow-up letter a few weeks after the job interview
Send a follow-up letter if you don’t hear from the interviewer within, say, two weeks or whatever length of time the interviewer said it would take to make a decision. Timing is key. You want your follow-up letter to arrive DURING — not after! — the decision-making period.

How to Write a Good Follow-Up Letter

A follow-up letter should convey these three points:

  1. You’re still interested in the company’s current concerns and opportunities.
  2. You have something specific to offer that would benefit the company.
  3. You would like to hear from the employer soon.

Sample Follow-Up Letter After the Job Interview

Here’s an example of what a follow-up letter looks like.

Dear Ms. Robbins,
I am still very much interested in the Marketing Assistant position we discussed in our meeting two weeks ago. Although your company is relatively new in the lighting field, I think the Design Department has created some remarkable products that could prove extremely popular and profitable, given the right promotion.

You mentioned an interest in exploring the marketing potential of the social media as one way to increase Brilliant’s market share, and I wanted to remind you that I do have some experience in social media marketing campaigns. In fact, since our meeting I’ve been researching what other companies in your field are doing to promote their products on Facebook and other social media outlets. It turns out very few of them are fully exploiting this avenue. This means there’s a wide-open opportunity for Brilliant Lighting to get in there and establish itself as an industry leader.

I will continue this research, and would be delighted to come in again to discuss how I might apply this information to Brilliant’s long-term product promotion plans. Please call me if you need any additional data for my application, or when you wish to meet with me again to talk about the position.


Janet H. Watts
(987) 555-3210