Resume Samples

Looking at resume samples is a great way to get ideas for your own resume. For example:

  • What resume format (functional, chronological, or combination) you might use for your resume.
  • What items you can include.
  • How others have written their achievement statements.
  • How to solve work history problems.
  • What to do about age discrimination.

65 Resume Samples for (Mostly) Non-Management Jobs

So take a peek at these sample resumes, mostly for non-management jobs. Along with the resume is a short story about the job seeker, what challenge he faced and solved, and what resume format he used.

See a good idea? Use it on your resume!

By the way, these resume samples are by real job seekers who kindly gave us their thumbs up on using them here on the website. We have changed the names and places of work so as not to reveal their identity.

Customer Service
6 sample resumes for customer service jobs

Office Work
10 sample resumes for office work jobs

14 sample resumes for jobs in hospitality

5 sample resumes for warehouse work and inventory management

6 sample resumes for management and non-management jobs in production

Construction, Trades, and Labor
14 sample resumes for construction, trades, and labor jobs

Mixed Bag
6 sample resumes for a mixed bag of jobs