Resume Samples: Office Work

All of the Office Work resume samples in this section have one thing in common: they are for administrative support positions. The job objectives range from clerical to executive assistant — and just about everything in between.

You’ll notice they highlight administrative skills such as word processing, project management, scheduling, data entry, receptionist work, event planning, and good old organization skills.

Among these sample resumes you’ll find both chronological and functional resume formats. You’ll even see some clever hybrids of the two, which make it a little easier for the reader to see where achievements took place (compared to a straight functional resume format).

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Here you go…

Resume Sample: Word Processor for a Law Firm

In this resume sample: Word Processor for a law firm, the job seeker uses the chronological format because he knows that this is the standard format used in the legal field. Let’s see how he creates a strong resume to reach his target job. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Administrative Support / Project Management

In this resume sample: Administrative Support / Project Management, the job seeker adds her desire to manage projects as part of her next job. To win a job interview, she needs to address both of these skills (administrative and project management) in her resume. Let’s see how she does it! See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Office Support in Accounting

Here is a great resume sample: Office Support in Accounting where the job seeker makes it clear that she wants to work for an accountant or a controller. She combines her office support skills with her accounting knowledge throughout the resume. Let’s take a look and see how she does it. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Clerical Office Work

This resume sample: Clerical Office Work uses a novel type of functional resume format to show the skills and knowledge of the job seeker. This format works because she wants to return to the workforce without looking like a job hopper. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Executive Assistant

Take a look at this hybrid functional resume sample: Executive Assistant in a progressive San Francisco Bay Area company. It uses the functional format in a clever way that makes it almost look like a chronological format. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Receptionist or Medical Assistant

In this resume sample: Receptionist or Medical Assistant, Diane (not her real name) wants to return to the type of work she had done before her current job. This sometimes happens when someone makes a career change then decides it’s not their cup of tea. After one or two jobs in the new field, they go back to their former line of work. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Office Support and Bookkeeping

Here’s a resume sample: Office Support and Bookkeeping. This resume uses the functional resume format, which lists the job seeker’s skills first with related achievements under those skill headings. His job titles and places of employment are in a section all its own (the Work History section) at the end of the resume. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Handyman/Office Assistant

Here’s a chronological resume sample for a handyman/office assistant for the Nature Company headquarters. This job seeker is being very clear where he wants to work and what he wants to do. Let’s see what he does to make his resume stand out from the crowd! See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Mail Room Operations Management

This functional resume sample is for a management position in mail room operations. Here is a job seeker who has had a number of jobs within the U.S. Postal Service. One of his goals is to show that he is an expert in all types of mail room duties. His main purpose, though, is to show his skills as a leader, so that he will stand out as the first choice for a higher level job at the USPS. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Mail Services

Here’s a clear and focused resume sample for a position in mail services. This job seeker worked for the U.S. Postal Service for many years, but retired some years ago. Now he lives in a new city and would like to work in a company mailroom or at a mail store. He uses the functional resume format to highlight his skills and to downplay his recent work. See this sample resume.

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