Resume Samples: Mixed Bag

The resume samples in this group were written for a range of jobs that don’t fit into any of our other groups. We call it our Mixed Bag. Some of the job seekers are looking for freelance work, while others are looking for full-time or part-time jobs. Some are looking to build their own business or to use their resume to bring in new clients, while others are seeking higher level jobs within their current place of work.

Since every person’s goal is unique, each has chosen to use the chronological, functional, or hybrid resume format to bring out the skills they have to achieve their job target. As you’ll notice, the right format spotlights each person’s strengths and downplays his or her weak points. These weak points might include: employment gaps, unpaid work, or short-term jobs.

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Resume Sample: Animal Care

Here is a chronological resume sample for a support position working with animals. This young job seeker is fairly new to the world of paid work, but has spent a lot of time taking care of his own pets. Let’s see how he translates that pet care into the skills he will need to do a well-paying job! See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Internal Organizer for the AFL-CIO

Here is a very clear resume sample for joining a program to become an internal organizer for the AFL-CIO. The resume is a key part of the package the job seeker will submit for entry into this training program. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Casino Dealer

Here is an inspired functional resume sample for a homeless job seeker who is applying for a job as a casino dealer working for a cruise ship line. Although Martin (not his real name) has many years of experience working as a casino dealer, that experience isn’t recent. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Union Field Representative

This resume sample is very precise: the job seeker wants to be a field representative for his Local 510 union. He is an older worker who has been a member of this union for many years. He would like to parlay the work he has done into a role that will provide him with added income and give him the power to do even more for his co-workers. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Musician

Here is a unique resume sample for a musician. This job seeker has started and worked with many bands over the years. His goal is to show that he now wants to either start or join a band and is ready for any future gigs! Let’s take a look at how he structures his resume for readers who may want to hire him. See this sample resume.

Resume Sample: Manicurist/Esthetician

In this resume sample for a manicurist/esthetician, the job seeker has given a lot of thought about the best way to show her talents. She may want to use her resume to get a job at a spa, resort, or other venue. She might also use this resume to attract private clients. See this sample resume.

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