Where Does Personal Data Go on a Resume?

Here’s a question from a job seeker about putting personal information on a job resume. It’s followed by Yana Parker‘s answer. Although she wrote this years ago, the answer still stands.

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Where does personal data go on a resume?

Dear Yana:
I am confused about the resume format. For example, I put my name at the top of the page, including my address with phone number. But where can I place the rest of my personal data such as age, citizenship, ID number, marital status, etc?
Thank you.
Federico T.

Dear Federico,
The personal information that you mentioned does NOT go on a resume. You should never mention your age or marital status on your resume if used to apply for a job in the U.S.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, on the JOB APPLICATION FORM you will need to provide information about citizenship and ID numbers, but that information does not go on your resume. A resume is for getting an INTERVIEW, and the citizenship info is needed only on the Job Application form.

A resume and an application form are different. The application form is a formal document that is purely factual. A resume is NOT so formal, and is meant to be more like a “sales pitch” where you can talk about your skills and how you could be valuable to the company. You have to be honest, and include some facts and dates. But you ALSO have more freedom to present yourself so you “look good” by emphasizing the information that will impress a new employer.

But, if you don’t have ANY work history in the U.S., then you SHOULD mention your citizenship on your resume, and that you are legally eligible to work here.
Happy job hunting!