Resume Formatting: Where to Put Things

Here are five resume formatting questions that job seekers sent Yana Parker in 2000. Although some of the answers are a little dated, most are still relevant today.

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Below, you’ll find Yana’s advice on:

  • Personal data on a resume
  • Email address on a resume
  • Salary history on a resume
  • Resume format for multi-media student
  • Resume formatting for faxing

Here you go…

Where does personal data go on a resume?

Dear Yana:
I am confused about the resume format. For example, I put my name at the top of the page, including my address with phone number. But where can I place the rest of my personal data such as age, citizenship, ID number, marital status, etc?

Answer: Where does personal data go on a resume?

Where does an e-mail address go on a resume?

Dear Yana,
I did not see any resume samples in your book with e-mail addresses. Do you recommend leaving e-mail addresses off resumes? If not, how would you recommend displaying them?”
Thank you,

Hello Charles,
YES! You should definitely include your e-mail address on your resume. My preference would be directly below (or alongside) your phone number, like this:

Charles McCool
6789 Hot Stuff Drive
Metropolis, CA 94704
(510) 555-6543
E-mail: [email protected]

What resume format is best for a student with skills but no experience?

Dear Yana,
I am a student who is graduating this spring. I’m primarily a computer animator but have web design and other multimedia skills. I have no professional experience in my area but I have a page full of technical skills and programs I am experienced with.

I have looked for a template for formulating a resume but have yet to find one that fits my needs. In fact I’m even more confused now than I was when I started. Could you give me an outline of how I should approach my resume or direct me to some sources that have this information?
Thanks for your time.

Answer: What is the best format for student with no experience?

How do I put salary history on a resume?

Dear Yana,
How do I include my salary history if the company asks for it?

Answer: How do I put salary history on a resume?

How do I make a resume for faxing?

Hi Yana,
What do I have to do to make my resume for faxing? People are telling me it doesn’t come out well on their fax machine. They don’t like the graphic boxes and they say the font is too small. What are the guidelines about this?”

Answer: How do I make a resume for faxing?

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