A Little Job Interviewing Advice

When job seekers send out their resumes, they often find they have questions about job interviewing. Here are three questions people sent to Yana Parker, along with Yana’s answers.

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What can I do while waiting after a job interview?

Dear Yana,
What can I do? I’m waiting to hear from the place that interviewed me, and I’m going crazy waiting to hear back from them.
Thanks for your help,

Dear Margaret,
Don’t just wait. Write a follow-up letter if you do not hear from the interviewer within, say, two weeks, or whatever length of time seems reasonable, given how long they said it would take to make a decision. Obviously, you’d want the follow-up letter to arrive DURING (not after!) the decision-making period.

By the way, I hope you have ALREADY written a thank-you letter to your interviewer immediately after the interview so they got it the very same day.

Good luck landing that job!

I get interviews, but no jobs. What am I doing wrong?

Dear Yana,
I’m having a really hard time with landing a job. I seem to be able to get some interviews, but then I never get the job. I guess I’m not making the right impression. I’ve been out of the work force for quite awhile, and I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?
Thank you,

Dear Natasha,
My hunch is that you’re having trouble because you’re focused on yourself, your performance anxiety, and your need for a job. I’ll bet you’re not taking enough interest in the companies you’re applying to. You need to know something about them, what THEY want and need, and how you could help them meet THEIR goals. If you’re not interested in THEM, why would they be interested in YOU?

I think your best bet right now is to apply at some TEMP AGENCIES and get some current short-term work experience. Temp jobs won’t be so demanding and scary, and you can “get your feet wet” and be more comfortable in the work world. THEN after you’re got some recent work experience under your belt, you’ll be more confident in applying for better, more permanent jobs.

But PLEASE be sure to take these temp jobs seriously. They will be your bridge to your future work, so really do your best. Then you’ll be able to get GREAT REFERENCES from these temp jobs that will help you land the job you really want.

I hope this helps.

Smoking is getting between my client and successful interviews. What do I do?

Dear Yana,
I’m a professional resume writer and really don’t know how to approach this subject with one of my clients. My client, a woman in mid-40’s to early 50’s, has been a resume client for over two years. Oh, she gets her interviews but she doesn’t get the jobs. She is educated and qualified for the positions she applies for but never gets the jobs.

It is my belief the problem is that she reeks of cigarette smoke. I don’t mean just smells like smoke, I mean really REEKS! She just dropped off some papers for me to type and the papers themselves smell just awful.

How do I approach this subject with her? This problem is right up there with “body odor” problems. A delicate situation at best but at the very least, is a contributing factor to the problem of not getting jobs. She wants a job in counseling and this overwhelming evidence of an addictive behavior may be what is preventing her from being employed in her field of choice.
Thank you,

Dear Bobbi,
I think you DO know what to do here! It’s just that it’s uncomfortable to do it. You say you really care about what happens with her, so I think you need to be honest with her about what’s holding back her job search and career.

When you talk honestly with her, sure, she’ll be uncomfortable hearing it. But then, I suspect, she’ll be grateful to you, both for the enlightening information and for your obvious care for her, made evident by your willingness to do the uncomfortable thing of leveling with her.

You could preface your remarks with what is probably true: “If I were in your shoes, I’d want to hear the truth. So …”

Let me know how it goes. I’m rooting for you… and your client.

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