Resume Question: How Do I Write an International Resume?

Here’s a question from someone who was writing an international resume for his father. The father had just moved to the U.S. after having had a full career in a different country. Yana Parker responded with some good advice on how to create an international resume.

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How Do I Write an International Resume?

Dear Yana,
I am writing a resume for my father who has worked in a different country all his life. I have a few questions:

  • What is the most effective way to write his resume?
  • What format should I use?
  • What is the best way to write his experience, since he had work in different companies doing the same thing? His job description on the recent four companies is exactly the same.

Thank you,

4 Tips for Writing an International Resume

Hello Rommel,
A few answers:

  • Use the terms that are used in this country, to describe the work in that country, as well as the equivalent American job title (rather than the foreign job title.) The only place the difference will show up is in the actual location of the work place.
  • Make a notation of his citizenship and eligibility to work in the U.S., at the bottom of the resume, in small letters.
  • Stick to a standard chronological format; his experience was in a different country and you want the resume to look uncomplicated and conservative, to minimize the possibility of rejection.
  • For each company DON’T JUST FOCUS ON THE JOB DESCRIPTION. Describe what your father did for that company that helped them meet their goals (say, production goals, profitability goals, customer service goals, etc). Describe how your father performed in his job that was BETTER than some other co-workers who were not as responsible as he was.

Try hard to find a very short-term temporary job of any kind for your father, even if it is unpaid, just so he will have some recent experience to add to his resume, something that he did in this country. That will make it easier for the new employer to accept him. Also, the employer from the short-term job can give him a good reference. This could even be a volunteer job, just so he can prove he has some work experience in this country.

Good luck with writing your dad’s resume. And good luck to him in his job search!