Resume Question: Should Job References Be on a Resume?

A professional resume writer asked Yana Parker if job references should be listed on a resume. Below, is Yana;s answer that explains the “Rule of Thumb” for job references on resumes and when that rule should be broken.

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Should Job References Be Listed on a Resume?

Hello Yana,
I am a professional resume writer. Should I list my client’s references right on the resume?

Thank you,

The Rule of Thumb About Job References and Resumes

Hi Mary,
Usually, NO. References go on a separate sheet (see How to Write a Job Reference Page) and are generally provided only AFTER the employer requests them.

In rare cases, it might be useful to list the references at the end of the resume or on an attached sheet. For example, if the job hunter has an extremely “iffy” resume and he wants to assure the employer that there are people who will vouch for him. The risk in doing that is that the employer may call the references BEFORE setting up an interview, and that’s NOT the preferred sequence of events.

About references: REMEMBER!!! Be sure to tell your client to…

  1. Get permission from each person he would like to use as a reference, making sure that person is willing to say something good about the job seeker.
  2. Send your resume to each person on the reference list. That way she has it in hand BEFORE someone calls her for a reference.

Good luck to you, and your client!