Resume Question: How Do I Write a Freelance Resume?

A resume for a freelance resume is slightly different from an employment resume. If you are a freelance worker needing a resume to promote yourself in the business world, you’ll want to read what Yana Parker has to say about freelance resumes.

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Resume Question: A Resume for Freelance Work

Hi Yana,
How do I write a resume for freelance work? I need a resume that will promote me as an outsource/temporary to attract business. Jobs: typing, word processing, and clerical.


Tips for Writing a Freelance Resume

Hi Elaine,
I would make a heading at the top of your resume (centered) something like this:

Freelance Typing — Word Processing — Clerical Support
000 Central Boulevard
Seattle, WA 12345 (123) 555-7890

Then you could insert a heading such as: TYPICAL PROJECTS COMPLETED And below that, list some examples (emphasizing the kinds of things you’ve done that you’d really LIKE to do again, playing down/omitting those you DON’T care to do again. Examples:

  • Created a 3,000-name mailing list for Carson-Jones Co, entering info into a database program from Rolodex cards, file cards, and hand-written notes.
  • Typed a 50-page manuscript for a local playwright, using special format provided.
  • Filled in for vacationing receptionist at Myers Petroleum, successfully handling busy desk for two weeks.
  • Researched local employment data for freelance journalist, meeting tight publishing deadline.

There are lots of ways to do it, and this is just one possibility.The essential difference is that you are conveying that you are a self-employed professional offering her services, rather than a job hunter looking for a job. The “resume” becomes more like a “brochure” than like a standard resume. You could even add a smart-looking border and a logo.

Best of luck to you with your freelance venture!