Resume Question: Should I List My CPR Certification?

This question is about whether to list a CPR certification on a non-medical resume. If you’re wondering the same thing, read Yana Parker‘s answer below.

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Should I List a CPR Certificate on My Non-Medical Resume?

Hello Yana,
Is CPR certification something that should go on a non-medical resume, and if so, under which heading?
Thank you!

When to List a Certification on a Resume

Hi Greg,
The key point is: EVERYTHING on a resume is there for a reason. Everything, however small and insignificant, creates an impact and has a message. So the question isn’t a matter of “What’s the RULE here?” but what works and what doesn’t.

In GENERAL, most of the time, if an item is NOT RELEVANT to the job objective, it probably doesn’t go on THAT resume. For example, my son is a plumber and also a rock musician. He has two TOTALLY DIFFERENT resumes and nothing but his name, address, and phone number are the same on both resumes! It’s an extreme example, but you get the point.

Ask yourself, “What am I saying by putting ‘CPR’ on this non-medical resume?” (or hoping will be read into it?) It says several different things IN ADDITION to “this guy can get your heart jump-started if need be.” Depending on the context, it COULD be saying,”This person takes an interest in his community and is available for community emergencies.” Or it COULD be saying: “This person is interested in continuously upgrading his skills,” especially if there are more such things on the resume. OR, it could be saying: “This person doesn’t think he has enough qualifications for the job so he’s putting in everything he can think of.”

So .. IT ALL DEPENDS. Generally, probably leave it off. But, if you think it conveys something that would favorably influence the recipient (perhaps indirectly) to call you in for an interview, then go for it.

Good luck with your job search!