How to Send Your Resume Online

Okay, you’ve written your new resume, and it looks good! You’ve also found a listing for a job you want, and they are asking you to send your resume online. What resume format do they want? And how to you send it?

Take a closer look to see if the job listing states how to send your resume online. For instance, many places will ask for your resume to be attached to an email, and they will state which format they want you to use. There are several formats that employers ask job seekers to use when sending a resume via email. Let’s take a quick look at the different formats:

  • MS Word format (.doc for the older version of MS Word, or .docx, the newer version of MS Word).
  • PDF format (.pdf), which is more of a photo version of your resume.
  • Some job listings will give you the choice of which format to send your resume (.doc, .docx, or .pdf).
  • Some will ask for your resume to be pasted into an email message, or into their application system in text format (.txt).

Be sure to follow the directions on the job posting carefully and send your resume online in the format that they are asking for. You want your resume be in the right format so it gets noticed!

Changing the Format to Send Your Resume Online Correctly

To change your resume to the format that is required for the job listing, open your resume, and then do a Save As to save it in the correct format for that job posting. You should check to see how the resume looks in its new format. Make any minor changes that keep the spacing aligned and the resume looking its best. Rename the new resume so that you’ll know which one it is in your list of resumes on your hard drive! For example, if you are applying to the Hilton Hotel as a Bartender and they need the resume in .pdf format, save it as a PDF and rename it so that it looks like this:

John Doe Bartender resume.pdf

What About Sending A Cover Letter or Cover Email With Your Resume?

Many job postings will ask you to send a cover letter or a cover email, along with your resume. For help with cover letters, you can find examples of cover letters and cover emails in The Damn Good Resume Guide, Fifth Edition.

What Happens After You Send Your Resume Online?

Once you have sent in your resume, what happens to it? This helpful video from Dice TV offers great advice and can give you a clear picture of what goes on after your resume is received. It describes how your resume is entered into a database and becomes part of what is known as an Applicant Tracking System, or ATS. Hiring Managers use the ATS to scan resumes for key words that match the listing for a job they are trying to fill. They also use the ATS to track you and your resume as you move through the process of applying for the job.

The video also provides useful tips for what to do and what not to do to make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd! Check it out: