How Do I Make a Resume for Faxing?

It’s not very often that an employer will ask you to fax your resume. But on the off-chance that he or she does, follow this sound advice from Yana Parker for making the best of that somewhat out-dated form of resume transfer.

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How do I make a resume for faxing?

Hi Yana,
What do I have to do to make my resume for faxing? People are telling me it doesn’t come out well on their fax machine. They don’t like the graphic boxes and they say the font is too small. What are the guidelines about this?”

Hello Patricia,
You have to keep in mind that fax machines can be set for high or low resolution, and the receiver of your resume may have their machine set for the lower resolution. Also, on the other end, your resume may get photo-copied as WELL as go through the fax machine, so you want your original hardcopy version to be as clear and easy to read as possible.

First, get rid of any shading and graphic elements. Stick to TEXT only. Then pick a clear, crisp font in a size at least 11 points. (Ten-point Times, for example, is very tiny and condensed, and will NOT work at all well in a faxed document.)

If you think the receiver may ALSO be interested in SCANNING your resume into a database, omit italics and underlining. Bolding is usually okay.

It’s painful to give up all the lovely formatting and graphics that make a resume attractive to the human reader, but we DO have to accommodate technology here. The trade-off is, you don’t have to try to squeeze everything onto one page for the scannable resumes because the computer doesn’t CARE how long the resume is. Even so, for the faxed resume, I’d stick to a MAXIMUM of two pages, a minimum of 11-point font, and lots of white space.
Happy faxing,