There’s a team of resume professionals behind this Damn Good Resume website. We are Yana Parker, Beth Brown, and Susan Ireland.

Who’s Behind the Damn Good Resume Website?

It all started back in 1999 when Yana Parker hatched the idea of creating a website based on her best-selling book, The Damn Good Resume Guide. Her website was one of the first resume sites and it was a great adventure into presenting how-to information online. Her online community of job seekers and career counselors grew as we all learned how to use the Internet to search for info such as resume advice, samples, and more. It’s the “more” part that Yana did so well. She injected her great sense of humor into her articles and used fun drawings to keep things light, even though her writing was focused on the serious matter of resume writing and job search.

Sadly, Yana passed away in 2000. Before she died, she asked me, Susan Ireland, to continue building her website. Website management was new to me and I took on the project with some hesitation. But I quickly learned the basics and came to love the dynamic nature of online blogging and community building.

In 2012, Beth Brown became the co-author of The Damn Good Resume Guide when she updated Yana’s last version of the book. Beth has been a professional resume writer on The Damn Good Resume Team since 1995, so after updating Yana’s book she began contributing to this website.

So here we are, all these years later, still writing and talking about damn good resumes. We’re happy you’ve joined us!

Meet Yana Parker, Beth Brown, and Susan Ireland

Yana Parker

Yana Parker is the original author of The Damn Good Resume Guide and the primary person behind this website. As the mother of a highly respected resume movement, Yana influenced thousands of resume writers and career counselors through her books, newsletters, workshops, and this website.  Read Yana’s bio.
Beth Brown
Beth Brown is the co-author of the latest edition of The Damn Good Resume Guide and the senior resume writer on The Damn Good Resume Team. Beth has written and critiqued more than 2,000 resumes and cover letters for just about all types of professionals. Read Beth’s bio.
Susan Ireland
Susan Ireland is the Team Leader for the Damn Good Resume Team and Webmaster of the Damn Good Resume website. She is a resume expert and the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Resume. Read Susan’s bio.