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Need some good resume tips? You’ve come to the right place. On this site, you’ll find plenty of good resume advice by Yana Parker and Beth Brown, the co-authors of The Damn Good Resume Guide. You’ll discover tons of questions and answers, problem-solving techniques, and great ideas that can make a big difference in your resume. So, check out our Damn Good Resume Tips.

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Want to see a sample resume in your field? We have 65 sample resumes, grouped by occupation. You’ll find all three resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination resumes. You’ll also see good achievement statements and examples of how job seekers have solved problems on their resumes.

So, sit back and browse our 65 resume samples!

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Want a great resume writing tool or personal help with your resume? This is where you’ll find it. Check out The Damn Good Resume Guide (book) and our online professional Ready-Made Resume Builder (with resume templates). We also have Fill-in-the-Blanks Resume Workbooks.

Or, hire a professional resume writer on The Damn Good Resume Team to write or critique your resume. We also have a certified Career Coach on the team.

The Damn Good Resume Guide

Just released: The fifth edition of The Damn Good Resume Guide, co-authored by Yana Parker and Beth Brown. This new edition holds the latest and greatest resume advice! When you read its down-to-earth approach, you’ll feel as if the authors are sitting right with you to talk about your resume.

Don’t have a copy yet? Order The Damn Good Resume Guide online or at your local brick-and-mortar bookstore. It’s available in hardcopy and as an ebook.

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You’ve just finished reading The Damn Good Resume Guide. (Great read, wasn’t it?) In the book there were a few mentions of articles on this website. Maybe you came here to find them. Here, we’ll save you some time with that:

Links from The Damn Good Resume Guide book:

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A Few Words From Beth Brown

Welcome to the Damn Good Resume Guide website!

We’re updating this site to give it a fresh design. We’re keeping it friendly, fun, and chock full of up-to-date information about ongoing changes in the job search landscape. You’ll find helpful hints, plenty of examples, and ways to keep up with the digital age.

Our goal is for you to find the help you need to create a great job search package that really opens doors for you. Enjoy!
Beth Brown