Resume Sample: Sales / Customer Service

Here’s our resume sample for Sales/Customer Service. It’s in the combination resume format (also called a hybrid resume format). Let’s take a look at what’s special about this resume sample.

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About this Resume Sample

The hybrid (or combination) resume format is designed to help the reader see the job seeker’s wealth of experience at Wells Fargo and the different “hats” she wore during her long tenure with the bank. Let’s look at some of the choices she made on this resume:

  • Carol (not her real name) uses three skill headings within her 12 years at Wells Fargo, making it easy for an employer to pinpoint the great skills she will bring to her next job.
  • She has downplayed her most recent experience as a stay-at-home mom, while also giving this more-than-full-time work the dignity it deserves by naming it “Family Management.”
  • Using the section heading “Relevant Skills & Accomplishments” also allows Carol the freedom to list her unpaid work in Family Management, as well as listing her achievements in her paid job at Wells Fargo.
  • She lists not only her A.A. degree, but also the fact that she has taken coursework toward completing the B.A. — this tells the reader that Carol is someone who keeps learning and improving her skills and knowledge!

Resume Sample for Sales/Customer Service

Resume Sample Sales Customer Service

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