Resume Sample: Receptionist or Medical Assistant

In this resume sample for Receptionist or Medical Assistant, Diane (not her real name) wants to return to the type of work she had done before her current job. This sometimes happens when someone makes a career change and then decides it’s not their cup of tea. After one or two jobs in the new field, they go back to their former line of work.

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Let’s take a close look at this resume sample to see how she achieves her career goal.

About This Sample Resume

This resume sample: Receptionist or Medical Assistant uses the functional format to bring out the skills that Diane wants to use in her next job and that she will need in order to do that job well. What else does she do to show the reader that she is qualified?

  • Diane states two possible job titles in her Objective. This way, Diane tells the reader that she is drawn to both types of jobs, and is able to do either or both of them well.
  • She includes her BOCES training throughout the resume. This helps highlight her knowledge and skills in medical assisting. Whether she works as a receptionist or medical assistant, this knowledge will come in handy.
  • In her skill headings and statements, Diane points more to her know-how in the healthcare field and downplays her recent job in marketing. This steers the reader away from the experience she doesn’t want to repeat. It also makes the point that Diane is fully able and ready to do what she really loves!

See what else you can find that’s helpful here in Diane’s sample resume.

Sample Resume for Receptionist or Medical Assistant

Resume Sample Receptionist or Medical Assistant

More Resume Help

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