Resume Sample: Office Support in Accounting

Here is a great resume sample for Office Support in Accounting, where the job seeker makes it clear that she wants to work for an accountant or a controller. She combines her office support skills with her accounting knowledge throughout the resume. Let’s take a look and see how she does it.

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About This Sample Resume

This resume sample: Office Support in Accounting (for an accountant or controller) uses the chronological format, but orders the sections in a special way to more quickly show the skills and knowledge that Linda (not her real name) brings to the table. Let’s take a closer look to see what she does.

  • Linda lists her recent graduation from the Heald College Accounting Program as the first statement in her Highlights section at the top because she knows an employer will value that degree.
  • Since she is a recent grad, Linda has moved her Education section to near the top of the resume.
  • She goes into some depth about the courses she took, and the skills she gained while at Heald Business College.
  • She also lists her great GPA to show that she has gained a solid level of knowledge, and is a good student who can learn new tools and skills quickly!
  • Although she did a lot of work as a counter salesperson, Linda highlights her role as Accounting Assistant and what she achieved in that job function.
  • Linda has been skillful in hiding short-term gaps in her work history by listing only the years she worked at each job, rather than the months.
  • She also closes a long-term employment gap by stating that she was a Homemaker and Student for four years. This overlaps with the time when she was taking business courses at City College. She does not need to list any achievements here, but she has briefly explained what she was doing during this stretch of time, which helps the reader to follow the flow of her life and work.

Linda has shown that she is ready to take the next step in her career. Here you can see Linda’s actual sample resume.

Sample Resume for Office Support in Accounting

Resume Sample Office Support Accounting

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