Resume Sample: Office Support and Bookkeeping

Here’s a resume sample for Office Support and Bookkeeping. This resume uses the functional resume format, which lists the job seeker’s skills first, with related achievements under those skill headings. His job titles and places of employment are in a section all its own (the Work History section) at the end of the resume.

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Let’s see what else this resume sample can show us.

About This Sample Resume

This functional resume has a strong focus on both Office Support and Bookkeeping. How did Carl (not his real name) create that focus?

  • Carl repeats his main interests a few times. He states them in his objective statement (Office Support and Bookkeeping). Then he states them again under the first skill heading in the “Office Support Skills and Experience” section. By repeating his job goals these two times, Carl makes sure the reader sees what his strengths are!
  • The functional resume format allows Carl to downplay his short-term and temp work, which he thinks an employer will not view favorably. So he lists them in his work history section at the bottom of the resume. By the time the reader gets to the bottom of the page, he or she will have read Carl’s achievement statements, and hopefully be impressed enough to call him for an interview.
  • Carl adds power to his achievement statements by stating the place or places that he worked to carry out each of those achievements. He lists each place within the body of each statement.
  • He also uses three short columns to show his many office support skills. This gives the reader a quick glance at a lot of information!

Now let’s take a look at these points in Carl’s sample resume.

Sample Resume for Office Support and Bookkeeping

Resume Sample Office Support Bookkeeping

More Resume Help

The Damn Good Resume Guide has lots more resume samples in the chronological, functional, and combination resume formats. The book starts with a set of 10 steps for writing a great resume, including when to use a functional resume format and when to steer towards one of the other two more common formats. Sometimes job seekers think they need a functional resume because they have work history problems. Co-authors Yana Parker and Beth Brown explain how these same problems can be solved just as well with the chronological or combination resume formats.

If you’re in a bookstore or library, pick up a copy. Or check it out online!

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