Resume Sample: Executive Assistant

Take a look at this hybrid functional resume sample for Executive Assistant in a progressive San Francisco Bay Area company. It uses the functional format in a clever way that makes it almost look like a chronological format.

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Let’s talk about what makes this resume sample stand out from the crowd.

About This Sample Resume

In this resume sample, Doreen (not her real name) shows her reader the range of her skills as an executive assistant. This resume format also downplays her most recent job as a legal secretary, a field she wants to move out of. Here are some of the ways she presents herself in a strong and focused way.

  • Doreen highlights her Executive Assistant work by listing her job titles as headings (similar to a chronological resume), instead of using skill sets as headings (as a typical functional resume does).
  • In her headings and achievement statements, Doreen tells us something about where she has worked. Since the jobs are not alike, this shows the reader that Doreen has the skills she needs to adapt to diverse job settings.
  • Using the functional format gives Doreen the breathing room to list her achievements in the order of how they relate to her target job. In this way, she avoids having to talk about the most recent job first (one she doesn’t want to repeat), and highlights her desire to make a career change back to her prior type of work.

Now take a closer look at Doreen’s sample resume, and see what else you can find! Even though we don’t suggest using a functional format, there are things to learn from this one.

Sample Resume for an Executive Assistant

Resume Sample Executive Assistant

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