Resume Sample: Customer Service

Here’s a resume sample for a customer service job, which was written in the achievement resume format. The achievement format is like a functional format, except it does not have skill headings in the body of the resume.

To give you a bit of insight into this resume, we’d like to explain a few points. Maybe you’ll get tips that will be helpful when you write or update your own resume.

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About this Resume Sample

The achievement format in this resume sample allows Linda (not her real name) to highlight her Customer Service experience and achievements. She also downplays her clerical work. Notice that she has chosen a few tools to strengthen her resume:

  • Linda tells us her job title and the company name (“As Customer Service Representative for TAYLOR MADE, INC.” etc.) to add credibility to the statements that follow. Because there are no dates in this section (dates are listed lower on the resume) she is free to list her two employers in this section in order of relevance, rather than chronology.
  • She also backs up her statements by listing the details of her Work History at the bottom of the page.
  • Although she did not complete her college degree, Linda wants the reader to know that she did complete some higher-level study at Chabot Jr. College. This supports her willingness “to learn new things,” as she stated at the top of the resume.

Resume Sample for Customer Service

Resume Sample Customer Service

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