Resume Sample: Customer Service Representative / Receptionist

This resume sample for a customer service representative / receptionist job is in the chronological resume format. To help you get the most from this sample resume, there are a few things we’d like to share with you.

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About this Resume Sample

Even though he’s worked for more than 10 years, Frank (not his real name) has wisely chosen to keep his chronological resume to one page. Keeping it brief and focused on the needs of his target audience is a great way to get the reader’s attention! In this sample resume:

  • The Job Objective includes both Customer Service Representative and Receptionist, so Frank has included achievements in both of these skill areas.
  • Frank’s work at the museum was sometimes a paid part-time position and sometimes unpaid volunteer work. Because of this, he has used the simple heading of “Experience” at the top of the whole section. Whether paid or unpaid, work is work and experience is experience!
  • Although he took college courses in Boston, Frank’s work history is based solely in New York City. He can explain his return to Boston in a cover letter or cover email.

Your career history and job search is not likely to be the same as Frank’s but there might be one or two things about his resume that you can learn from in order to solve a problem or just make your resume a little better.

Resume Sample for Customer Service Representative / Receptionist

Resume Sample Customer Service Receptionist

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