Resume Sample: Clerical Office Work

This resume sample for Clerical Office Work uses a novel type of functional resume format to show the skills and knowledge of the job seeker. This format works because she wants to return to the workforce without looking like a job hopper.

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About This Sample Resume

Although Jane (not her real name) has spent most of the past ten years as a full-time parent, her resume shows that she is ready and able to re-enter the workforce in a clerical job. Let’s see how she does it in this resume sample: clerical office.

  • In the Highlights section, Jane lists skills and traits that are key to being a solid office worker.
  • Instead of calling the next section Professional Experience, she names it Relevant Skills and Experience. This way, she can place her skills and achievements in the order that best shows her clerical talents.
  • In each bullet point, she tells us where she worked. This adds strength to each statement and makes her achievements even more valid. The reader of her resume doesn’t have to guess where each one happened: she’s made that clear right in the body of each statement.
  • She also breaks her work at the U.S. Postal Service into very detailed steps, so that the reader can see the process and how well she did each aspect of her job.
  • Even though she did not complete a college degree, Jane has some training in business and clerical skills. To point that out, she lists her schooling under the heading of Business Training. Smart!

Here is Jane’s sample resume for you to take a closer look.

Sample Resume for Clerical Office Work

Resume Sample Clerical Office Work

More Resume Help

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